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Who we are

JEVI is a community organization whose aim is to prevent suicide and promote well-being in the Eastern Townships population.

From 1986 to 2000, JEVI offered services to individuals under the age of 25, their parents and close friends and to the professionals working with youth.

Since June 2000, JEVI has been acknowledged as the Suicide Prevention Center for the Eastern Townships region by the Régie régionale de la santé et des services sociaux de l’Estrie. Consequently, services were adapted or developed in order to adequately respond to the needs of the general population of the Eastern Townships region (youth, adults and the elderly).

JEVI offers a complete line of services in promotion, prevention, intervention and postvention actions associated with suicide prevention.


The JEVI Team

JEVI is a small team with a strong spirit of cooperation.

Their constant desire to offer the best services to the community and their profound dedication contribute greatly to suicide prevention.


Our philosophy

We firmly believe that each individual has the personal resources necessary to make it through difficult times. We rely, therefore, on the strengths and potential of each individual as we guide them through there personal difficulties.

We maintain that it is essential to offer activities aimed at promoting personal well-being if we want to prevent suicide. By doing so, we offer individuals the opportunity to develop social abilities, conflict resolution and communication skills. This allows the individual to use a wider range of tools when faced to difficult situations.


Our territoryNotre territoire

JEVI is a regional based organization that offers services to the Eastern Townships population. Our office is located in Sherbrooke.

To facilitate accessibility to our services, we can make ourselves available in your area.


Our clientele

Our services are offered to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly who are:

  • suicidal
  • close relatives (parents, brothers, sisters), friends, of a suicidal or bereaved individual
  • bereaved individual following the suicide of a close relative, friend, etc.

 We also offer:

  • coaching to professionals of the Eastern Townships region who desires clinical support concerning suicide or grief after a suicide.
  • training and awareness programs who are aimed at helping people in schools, workplaces, community organizations and public establishments. 



JEVI is actively involved in groups or comities that can influence decision-makers in the health and social services sector.

JEVI also acknowledges the expertise develop by other resources within the Eastern Townships region and maintains strong ties with them.


Our goals

1.       Promote the well-being of the Eastern Townships population.

2.       Prevent suicide within the population of the Eastern Townships.

3.       Intervene with suicidal individuals and their close relatives. If necessarily, refer to an other resource.

4.       Train youth and adult professionals to work together to realize goals 1, 2 and 3.

5.       Intervene after a suicide with bereaved individuals.

6.       Develop tools to promote well-being and suicide prevention.

7.       Promote cooperation between resources within the community.

8.       Participate in the development of research on suicide prevention.


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